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Our Team of Board Certified OB/GYN Physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives provide outstanding individualized patient care for every stage of life.


100 Kingsley Ln Ste 200 Norfolk, VA 23505
Phone: (757) 451-0929
Fax: 757-423-4901


WomanCare Centers, PLC
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Address: 100 Kingsley Ln Ste 200 Norfolk, VA 23505
Phone: (757) 451-0929 
Fax: (757) 423-4901

  Blair Conger, CNM, Hugh Dixon Wolcott, MD, CNM, Karen Carroll, CNM, Ana Basso, MD,
G Theodore Hughes, MD, Marybeth Dixon, MD,
Neldara Dowell, CNM, Elizabeth Golpira, MD

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Specializing in Centering Pregnancy


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Sometime later in your pregnancy you may be asked to assist in assuring your baby's well-being by doing fetal movement counting. It should be done in the following way:

Half an hour to an hour after dinner, lie down on your left side. Start counting the baby's movements and see how long it takes to count 10 movements. Normally, this will take somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes. As long as it takes the same amount of time each night to count the 10 movements, you and we can be reassured that your baby is doing well. If you ever have a night where it takes longer than one hour to count the 10 movements, we will want you to call us at the office number. This does not mean there is a problem but we will want to talk with you and may even have you come in to the hospital to be monitored. It is important to do the fetal movement counting under the same circumstances each time. If you try to do the movement counting while you are engaged in normal activities during the day, the number of movements may, in fact, be decreased. However, the results are not valid since it must be performed after a meal, while lying on your left side.

If there are any questions concerning fetal movement counting, please discuss if with your doctor at your next appointment.


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